Our approach to the design process aims to combine traditional and digital techniques for a streamlined design and documentation process. Utilizing the most current technology and hardware allows us to spend more time on design exploration, collaboration, and communication rather than management.

We believe in 'rapid-cycling'--a linearly progressive series of continuous cycles of input and refinement through the design process. We believe that great design is a revelatory endeavor that seeks to denude each sites unique attributes and extrapolate an experience or feeling for the end user that celebrates the spirit of the place, or genius loci.  ALA is committed to sustainable design and placemaking, and as such is equally committed to a design process that encourages sustainable outcomes. 

Our ideal role in a project includes coordination from day one with the owner, consultants, and construction team. Our broad skill set in planning, urban design, graphic art, visualization, landscape architecture, and site design make us an invaluable asset to the project development team.