North Woods Adventure Park


LOCATION: Portland, ME

CLIENT: City of Portland

SCOPE: conceptual site plan + visioning


A collaborative effort between the neighborhood association of Libbytown and ALA, this project proposes an exciting playscape opportunity for the small community on the outskirts of downtown Portland. This park offers a playful take on the surrounding natural landscape of coastal Maine, for both the young, and young at heart, to experience. 

Winding through the large stands of trees, an interactive and imaginative play experience awaits you beyond the Olmsteadian landscape. Waves of blue sweep you into the central space with sculptural armatures that welcome all kinds of climbing, swinging, and however your imagination prompts you. Playful landforms invite running around, over, or even through them, with logs and boulders to be the stage of your next adventure. 

The Community Development Block Grant Committee has recently recommended that funding be approved for development of North Woods Adventure Playground at Dougherty Field!