Berthoud Visioning


LOCATION: Berthoud, CO

CLIENT: Town of Berthoud, TB Group
SITE METRICS: 4 Sq. miles mapping, 80 acre park site, 500 acre community plan

SCOPE: visualization, planning, illustration


Berthoud, CO is located just south of Fort Collins in northern Colorado. Comprised of approximately 5,000 residents as of 2010 and just over 4 square miles of land area, Berthoud is a small, rural town poised for growth. The Town of Berthoud Planning Director hired Terrain to assist in future land use mapping, including future road and trail alignments. Building on this work, Terrain was engaged to develop conceptual design scenarios for several town-owned parcels for park uses. Working with a team of local consultants Terrain also assisted with development of conceptual lotting, and subdivision layouts. Terrain developed multiple scenarios balancing density with conservation of wetlands, and critical habitat.