Bayside Adapts Competition


LOCATION: Portland, ME

CLIENT: City of Portland

SCOPE: competition


Amid a staggering field of talented and well-established architects, designers, and engineers, ALA's design submission title 'Back to Mill: Unearthing Portland's Emerald Necklace" was chosen by the independent panel of judges as the winning entry. 

ALA's submission tells the story of intertwined components of an entire city district evolving in phases, over time, as a superorganism. The plans present a vision for re-aligning a freeway corridor and arterial streets that currently bifurcates the district, separating it from the sea and one neighborhood from another. In it's place,a multi-modal transportation corridor and greenway sets the table for redevelopment along the changing waterfront while stitching the district to it's broader landscape. *1851 historic map graphic by others