Tree Farm

Scene 1 final.JPG

The tree farm pud

CLIENT: Ace Lane, Black Shack Architects, LandWest
SITE METRICS: 42.91 Acres
SCOPE: site planning, visioning, illustration

ALA was retained in a collaborative planning and design effort along with Land West and Black Shack Architects to develop specific site-scale layout scenarios and potential massing for public presentation. ALA worked closely with the planning team and architect to design building massing, road alignments and parking configurations that serve to function as a highly walkable mixed-use town center. The site itself rests at the foot of Basalt Mountain in the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley, just about 15 miles northwest of Aspen, Colorado. The overarching design objectives consisted of meeting a yield of over 300 dwelling units and more than 100,000 sf of commercial space. As the first and only rural BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system in the United States known as RFTA (Roaring Fork Transportation Authority), The Tree Farm faced an opportunity to develop a dense community within walkable proximity to a bus station, otherwise known as a TOD or Transit Oriented Development.