Basalt Downtown

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Basalt downtown

CLIENT: Town of Basalt
SITE METRICS: 29 Acres, historic downtown, two gold medal rivers
SCOPE: master planning, urban design, schematic design, design consultation

In early 2014, the Town of Basalt kicked off a public input process for gathering community sentiment and ideas regarding options for the revitalization of downtown Basalt. ALA was hired as a design and visioning consultant to synthesize the more than 3,000 individual ideas and proposals gathered from the public into workable visions for streets, parks, and infill development options. ALA’s concepts included proposals for ‘woonerf’ or ‘living’ streets, stormwater collecting park areas and community spaces, renovation and infill of private development and options for maximizing the value and accessibility of the pedestrian environment. ALA produced more than 35 final drawings and diagrams including 3 master plan alternatives, core plans, parks plans, perspectives, diagrams, sections, and axonometrics illustrating a range of concepts.